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Join the Movement
Join the Movement

A Global Consensus on Brand Safety Standards

We unite stakeholders to create actionable and measurable standards for the protection of online brand safety.

“For gaming companies, user safety and brand safety are deeply intertwined, even indistinguishable. Players will only choose to play and invest in communities where the games are fun and where they feel safe and welcome because gaming should be joyful. Oasis brings these ideas together to provide meaningful guidance and support, raising the bar for everyone.”

Paul Snyder
Product Manager, Central Player Dynamics
Riot Games

“The Meet Group is committed to leading in mobile and online safety. Our community spends more than 1 billion minutes per month in video and sends over 70 million chats every day, making members safety an issue of paramount importance to us. We are pleased to join Oasis to set universal brand safety standards that will work to protect all users and end online toxicity."

Geoff Cook
CEO, The Meet Group

“As the online climate grows even more charged, gaming and entertainment communities continue to see a rise in online toxicity. I’m glad to bring my knowledge of pop culture fans and fandoms to Oasis and find solutions for these growing issues.”

Brandon Rhea
VP of Growth, Fandom

"Oasis Consortium is bringing together academia, civil society, industry and not-for-profits to work together to develop agreed-upon online standards of safety. As a parent, and someone who has worked in online safety for over seven years, I'm excited for the opportunity to create a positive online experience for users and brands."

Matthew Soeth
Trust & Safety, TikTok

“Safety is a multifaceted challenge; it cannot be addressed alone. What I love best about Oasis is the convergence of platform owners and users, academia, policymakers, and advertisers coming together to form the coalition needed to drive a higher standard of safety.”

Joel Silk
Senior Director of Content Moderation, Roblox

“As one of the original competitive esports champions, I have firsthand experience within online communities, both participating in them and shaping them. Esports should be inclusive and diverse arenas and I am committed to making it so. Oasis will fill an important gap in this. I look forward to contributing to an ideal future for online gaming communities with Oasis.”

Johnathan Wendel
FATAL1TY,  Esports Hall of Fame
Co-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer, ReadyUp Inc.

"The work that The Oasis Consortium is doing is critical and timely. With the proliferation of hate crimes, conspiracy theories, fake news, and extremist content proliferating the internet, brand safety is one of the biggest industry challenges of today. Mobilizing advertisers, content providers, and platforms is crucial in winning this battle by creating agreed-upon industry-wide standards.”

Lan Phan
Founder & CEO, community of SEVEN

“Oasis is a great opportunity to connect with the industry. Public and private sectors joining forces is key to tackle social challenges."

Emma Buttin
TV, New Media & VR Officer, French Embassy, USA

"Oasis symbolizes the virtual world we will ALL live in. This could be our last chance in human history to set guardrails for its future state. The cause requires leaders from all walks, brands, platforms, policymakers, academia, and the public. Without actionable consensus, we will fall into dystopia."

Tiffany Xingyu Wang
GM, Oasis Consortium

Our Mission

Today’s efforts to manage brand and user safety are fragmented and ineffectual. Without agreement on standards of behavior, online toxicity will become the norm across platforms. The Oasis Consortium seeks to band together key stakeholders for real, actionable results.



for both user safety and brand safety


Industry-wide brand safety standards

Drive Adoption

of universal brand safety certification

Meet our Leadership

Oasis symbolizes the virtual world we will ALL live in.

This is the last chance in human history to safeguard its future state.

The O.A.S.I.S. Principles



Transparent inclusivity and reporting policies.

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Consistent, proactive policy creation and enforcement.

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Protect user data and publish escalation processes.

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Enable a proactive approach with technology investments.

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Support consistency and commitment with thoughtful policies.


Become an Agent of Change

Oasis Consortium convenes a diverse group of leaders to set brand safety standards that benefit every party involved in digital advertising. We invite you to join the cause, lend your expertise, and advocate for brand safety.

  • Brands & advertisers
  • Online platforms
  • Policymakers & influencers
  • Academics
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