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The O.A.S.I.S. User Safety Standards

Our values-based framework for ethical technology and brand-building standards are represented in our name: O.A.S.I.S.

O-A-S-I-S Standards image

OASIS established its mission to advance ethical standards across three core pillars: safe online communities, data privacy and diversity and inclusion. Our first released set of standards are focused specifically on user safety.

We recommend applying the O.A.S.I.S. User Safety Standards below across Priority, People, Product, Process, Partnership for pragmatic implementation.

Please fill out the form to get our full assessment grid. Certified organizations will earn Oasis’s Digital Sustainability in User Safety seal.


Enable cross-pollination, empower users and mitigate backlashes.

  • Drive DEI by design in policy teams
  • Enable cross-functional collaboration
  • Build community reporting capabilities


Create ownership and build corporate governance.

  • Create clear C-suite ownership
  • Publish user guidelines
  • Enforce policy consistently
  • Publish regular transparency reports


Protect user data and identities to fuel speed to trust.

  • Provide evidence of identity protection
  • Comply with data protection policies
  • Create reporting, escalation & appeal processes


Activate a proactive approach through innovative technology and process.

  • Safety by design
  • Privacy by design
  • DEI by design
  • Truth by design


Evolve product, process and personnel for user safety.

  • Build product roadmaps for trust & safety
  • Mandate regular review of policies
  • Adopt digital wellness in products & processes

We believe that the inherent good in humanity should define the future of human experiences in the digital realm. Creating standards that respect human dignity, protect personal data, and advocate for the full spectrum of human experiences and perspectives is key to nurturing a civilized society in our expanding digital universe. 

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