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The Shift to Data Privacy

There has been a lot of attention turned to activism over the past months: political, social, and environmental. But what about activism in the digital world? Who is responsible for protecting our online lives - ensuring that users and brands are safe in the digital world, where we spend so much of our time?

After years of giving away our personal information in the name of convenience, people are beginning to wonder how much of their private data is ‘out there’ - and what it is being used for. Movies like ‘The Social Dilemma’, and the regulatory response in laws like GDPR and CCPA only emphasize the growing importance of this issue to regular citizens.

The current digital world is evolving, to one that incorporates the 4 P’s:

  • Protected identities
  • Preventative content
  • Private networks
  • Progressive governance

To learn more about the 4 P’s, and how the online world can become safer for everyone, check out our article on