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Our Leadership

A diverse set of perspectives to create actionable standards.


Reggie Yativ

CRO & COO, Agora Lab Inc.

WHY OASIS: “Agora is a pioneer and leader in Real-Time Engagement (RTE) that recognizes the importance of brand safety. We are joining the Oasis initiative to promote safe, inclusive, and positive environments for digital RTE. At Agora, we thrive on technological innovations and see stronger uses in markets where brand and safety efforts are more prevalent. We value the commitment and investment being made by Oasis Consortium to amplify and standardize online safety."

More About Reggie Yativ

Reggie is an accomplished executive with over 20 years of leading high-growth startups and enterprises. He currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Operations Officer at Agora Lab Inc. (NASDAQ; API), where he spearheads the go-to-market and expansion efforts. As a passionate and strategic leader, Reggie takes pride in driving global awareness towards Agora’s Real-Time Engagement (RTE) technology. Along with a growing team at Agora, he works hard to provide the best value to developers, customers, and partners through operational excellence.

Before joining Agora, Reggie was the VP of Sales at Redis Lab and excelled as a growth catalyst with dynamic talent acquisitions that led to impressive annual revenue growth across numerous global markets. He has also held other significant leadership roles, such as Americas CEO at Magic Software Enterprise, a Nasdaq-traded enterprise software company.


Angela Johnson

Client Development Officer, dentsu

OASIS SUPERPOWER: Creating value for Global Clients through sustainable solutions

WHY OASIS: “Companies are increasingly focused on being both a force for growth and also a force for good. That means taking a sustainable and ethical view of their media and communications use. I am passionate about finding connections in the industry to benefit the brands who care about this topic."

More About Angela Johnson

As Client Development Officer for dentsu international in the US, Angela is responsible for organic client retention and growth. She brings a wealth of global integrated client experience and is helping dentsu develop the muscle to deliver solutions that drive exponential growth aligned with business strategy. She is also part of the team focused on both dentsu and its clients’ role in Sustainability and Social Impact.

Angela’s passion for Inclusion and Equality have led her to mentor widely, serve on the boards of the Chicago Advertising Federation, HackerU and She Runs It. She regularly publishes, speaks on panels and teaches marketing at colleges.

She graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in Japanese and Chinese

Roee Goldberg headshot OpenWeb

Roee Goldberg

COO & Co-founder, OpenWeb

WHY OASIS: "There’s a crisis of abuse, toxicity and incivility in our public discourse online, and we need to act. That’s why, in everything we do at OpenWeb, safety is at the core. Oasis Consortium is pioneering a powerful, highly timely, and ultimately necessary framework for safety online that will help advance this important work. I am excited to work together with this coalition to help shape a better internet for us all."

More About Roee Goldberg

Roee Goldberg is the COO and Co-Founder of OpenWeb. Before joining OpenWeb, Roee founded Servi.to, a customer service and communications tool for ISPs. Deeply technical and strategic, Roee is interested in mathematics, philosophy, and music.


Roger Gehrmann

Executive Creative Director, Pandora

WHY OASIS: "As the importance of brand safety compounds in the digital era, it’s no longer simply the domain of PR but must be the concern of everyone who works in marketing, media and advertising. Figuring out how to do this in the newly evolving space of voice and audio technology is key to making the media and technology safe and successful for brands and participants alike. I’m excited for the opportunity to shape the space to be inclusive and secure for the future."

More About Roger Gehrmann

As Executive Creative Director for the SiriusXM / Pandora / Stitcher group, Roger co-founded Studio Resonate, the audio-first creative consultancy. Studio Resonate is one of the largest producers of audio advertising in the world and has been a pioneer in the audio space, being the first to bring voice advertising to market. Roger’s background is in digital product and digital advertising, having built award-winning digital solutions and advertising campaigns for brands such as Audi, Diageo, and Fox. Outside the office you can find Roger teaching Experience Design and UX at General Assembly, and teaching a kids Jiu-Jitsu class on Saturday mornings.


Geoff Cook

CEO, The Meet Group

WHY OASIS: “The Meet Group is committed to leading in mobile and online safety. Our community spends more than 1 billion minutes per month in video and sends over 70 million chats every day, making members safety an issue of paramount importance to us. We are pleased to join Oasis to set universal brand safety standards that will work to protect all users and end online toxicity."

More About Geoff Cook

Geoff Cook is a serial entrepreneur and public company CEO. He has been on the board of The Meet Group (NASDAQ: MEET) since 2011 until its sale in 2020.

Geoff sold the company for $500 million in September 2020 -- one of the last large public deals prior to the declaration of a global pandemic by the WHO. He started his first company from a Harvard dorm and sold it for millions of dollars at age 24 in the year 2002. He sold his second company for $100 million in 2011.

Geoff is currently the CEO and co-founder of The Meet Group, a social dating and livestreaming company. He is also GM of video for the parent company ParshipMeet Group. He successfully transitioned the company from 90% advertising revenue in 2016 to 60+% user-pay revenue while dramatically expanding revenue by investing heavily in livestreaming video.

Geoff is experienced in M&A, having spent $200 million in the last 4 years buying and integrating 4 companies: LOVOO, Tagged, Skout, and Growlr, and also in corporate development, having recently agreed to a three-year deal to power live video for one of The Match Group's (ticker: MTCH) largest apps: POF. Geoff is also a thought leader in building safer dating apps.

Geoff is the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner for the Philadelphia Region. He has also received the "Best Places to Work in Pennsylvania" award on behalf of his company. In his spare time, Geoff is a children’s book author and a mentor at Princeton University’s Keller Center. Geoff is listed on 4 patents currently pending with the USPTO related to livestreaming dating and incented audio.

He graduated from Harvard University in 2000 with a BA in Economics.

Person=Arjun Narayan

Arjun Narayan

Head of Trust & Safety, Kuaishou Technology

WHY OASIS: "Online abuse is getting more complex as well as sophisticated. Today, more so than ever, there is an urgent need to develop an industry framework for handling harmful content and conduct online. Oasis Consortium’s mission is critical in aligning and bringing together stakeholders to move this agenda forward. I look forward to being part of this journey and mission-critical work."

More About Arjun Narayan

Arjun is one of the leading luminaries in the trust & safety space. He has 17+ years of demonstrated track record building, scaling, and transforming product quality and trust & safety teams. Arjun is a versatile leader with experience spanning multiple industry domains from anti-abuse operations to digital transformation. 

Arjun is currently the Head of Trust & Safety at Kuaishou Technology where he is working to scale the trust & safety function. He is deeply passionate about user safety & has made it his life mission engineering trust through infrastructure, processes, products, and policies.

Person=Neal Thurman

Neal Thurman

Co-founder, Brand Safety Institute

WHY OASIS: "Brand and user safety issues persist across the digital economy, especially where users have freedom to express themselves. The Oasis Consortium has connected rapidly growing segments that haven’t traditionally had to consider these issues and started a conversation as marketers increasingly look to engage with these vibrant communities. I am looking forward to being in the middle of these discussions, and helping apply what we’ve learned in building Brand Safety Institute."

More About Neal Thurman

Neal Thurman is co-founder of the Brand Safety Institute and director of the Coalition for Better Ads. Neal has been immersed in digital since the late 90s advising Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and the U.S. Federal Government on how best to utilize emerging digital channels to achieve their business goals and mission objectives. In addition to his day jobs, Neal has also spent time over the past two decades on the digital publishing side as a writer and editor focused on the English Premier League starting with a blog that led to work for Yahoo U.K., Vox Media, and NBC Sports Digital.


Paul Snyder

Product Management Lead, Central Player Dynamics , Riot Games

WHY OASIS: “For gaming companies, user safety and brand safety are deeply intertwined, even indistinguishable. Players will only choose to play and invest in communities where the games are fun and where they feel safe and welcome because gaming should be joyful. Oasis brings these ideas together to provide meaningful guidance and support, raising the bar for everyone.”

More About Paul Snyder

As a Trust & Safety leader in the global gaming industry, Paul Snyder is passionate about promoting and protecting healthy player interactions and guiding cross-functional teams in developing safety policies and systems. Paul is a seasoned safety advocate with experience representing some of the largest gaming brands in the world, improving user experience and contributing to a broader dialogue about gaming and internet safety. Paul currently serves as Team Captain and Lead for the Central Player Dynamics Initiative at Riot Games, where he works to create awesome player-to-player experiences and eliminate the impact of disruptive behaviors.


Lan Phan

Founder & CEO, community of SEVEN

OASIS SUPERPOWER: Membership & Community Guru

WHY OASIS: "The work that The Oasis Consortium is doing is critical and timely. With the proliferation of hate crimes, conspiracy theories, fake news, and extremist content proliferating the internet, brand safety is one of the biggest industry challenges of today. Mobilizing advertisers, content providers, and platforms is crucial in winning this battle by creating agreed-upon industry-wide standards. Having spent over two decades advising and guiding CMOs, I can definitively say this is one of the top issues keeping marketers up at night.”

More About Lan Phan

Lan Phan is an award-winning marketer and strategist with over twenty years of experience in marketing, advertising, membership, and leadership training. Lan is considered one of the leading global experts on membership and community development, with deep experience including having served as the Head of Membership and Community for Fortune Magazine, and General Manager of #SeeHer, an initiative supporting gender equality in advertising. A graduate of Stanford and Harvard, Lan has extensive experience in organizational and behavioral psychology as well as training and development.

Lan’s expertise is in high demand, with speaking engagements including renowned venues such as the United Nations, SXSW, and consulting with CEOs and C-suite executives. Lan is the founder and CEO of community of SEVEN, a membership community that brings leading executives, thought-leaders, and changemakers together to tackle and solve big business and societal problems.


Johnathan Wendel

Co-Founder & Chief Gaming Officer, ReadyUp Inc.
CEO and Founder, Fatal1ty Inc.

OASIS SUPERPOWER: OASIS SUPERPOWER: Innovator and esports Pioneer

WHY OASIS: “As one of the original competitive esports champions, I have firsthand experience within online communities, both participating in them and shaping them. Esports should be inclusive and diverse arenas and I am committed to making it so. Oasis will fill an important gap in this. I look forward to contributing to an ideal future for online gaming communities with Oasis.” 

More About Johnathan Wendel

Known as Fatal1ty, Johnathan is the winner of twelve world championship titles in esports and is the first-ever winner of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his role in esports at the 2007 Leipzig Games Convention. 

As a trendsetter, Johnathan founded Fatal1ty Brand and set the blueprint for the influencer economy. A true pioneer in eSports, he has an unparalleled understanding of how the gaming community interacts with one another, and how it has evolved over the years. 

More recently, Johnathan has translated his experience as a leader, a creator, and an innovator into the establishment of ReadyUp, an interactive event platform that is focused on building a new generation of gaming communities around the concept of digital wellness.


Brandon Rhea

VP of Growth, Fandom

OASIS SUPERPOWER: Uniting Fans of Pop Culture

WHY OASIS: “As the online climate grows even more charged, gaming and entertainment communities continue to see a rise in online toxicity. I’m glad to bring my knowledge of pop culture fans and fandoms to Oasis and find solutions for these growing issues.”

More About Brandon Rhea

Brandon Rhea has been with Fandom (formerly Wikia) for his entire professional career. He started part-time in college in 2010 on the Community Support team and transitioned into supporting marketing, editorial, and community alike. He built and led a community video production team, led the company’s product adoption efforts with the Fandom community, and currently is VP of Growth.

In his role, he oversees three pop culture verticals—Gaming, Anime, and TV/Movies—as well as Customer Support and a team focused on best practices and global policies. His focus is on growing consumer engagement and supporting community members and customers.


Joel Silk

Senior Director of Content Moderation, Roblox

OASIS SUPERPOWER: Security and Intelligence

WHY OASIS: “Safety is a multifaceted challenge; it cannot be addressed alone. What I love best about Oasis is the convergence of platform owners and users, academia, policy makers, and advertisers coming together to form the coalition needed to drive a higher standard of safety.”

More About Joel Silk

Joel currently serves as the Senior Director of Content Moderation at Roblox, where he helps keep 160 million players safe on the world’s largest social platform for play. Previously, Joel was a Principal Product Manager for Security and Risk Management at Veritas Technologies.

He is also a retired Air Force Intelligence Officer, with a military career spanning multiple intelligence and risk management leadership roles. Joel also currently serves as an advisor to the Center for Threat Intelligence.


Emma Buttin

TV, New Media & VR Officer, French Embassy, USA

OASIS SUPERPOWER: Uniting Culture and Technology

“Oasis is a great opportunity to connect with the industry. Public and private sectors joining forces is key to tackle social challenges."  

More About Emma Buttin

Emma Buttin is a passionate creator of projects that are at the crossroads of culture and technology. 

Emma led cultural projects at ARTER agency, La Gaîté Lyrique - digital art center, and for the Societe du Grand Paris. In her current position at the French Embassy, she focuses on applying social and technological innovation to address training, innovation and inclusion in the media and gaming industry.

Oasis-Headshots_Matt-Soeth (1)-1

Matthew Soeth

Trust & Safety, TikTok

WHY OASIS: "Oasis Consortium is bringing together academia, civil society, industry and not for profits to work together to develop agreed upon online standards of safety. As a parent, and someone who has worked in online safety for over seven years, I'm excited for the opportunity to create a positive online experience for users and brands."

More About Matthew Soeth

Matt Soeth works on the Trust & Safety team and TikTok supporting teams globally on policy, education & user safety.

Prior to joining TikTok, Matt co-founded #ICANHELP, a non-profit aimed at educating and empowering students to help delete negativity online. As an expert in social media dynamics, Matt provided professional development to staff and students across the United States. In addition, he managed partnerships with other nonprofits, professional organizations, and technology companies providing advice and insight into student behavior on social media, gaming, and schools. Matt donates his time to several non-profits providing consulting on business development, education, and mentorship..

Tiffany-profile (1)-1

Tiffany Xingyu Wang

Chief Strategy Officer, Spectrum Labs
GM, Oasis Consortium

OASIS SUPERPOWER: Bridge Between Brand and User Safety

WHY OASIS: "Oasis symbolizes the virtual world we will ALL live in. This could be our last chance in human history to set guardrails for its future state. The cause requires leaders from all walks, brands, platforms, policy makers, academia and the public. Without actionable consensus, we will fall into dystopia."

More About Tiffany Xingyu Wang

As Chief Strategy Officer at Spectrum Labs, Tiffany is deeply invested in the promotion of online brand and user safety and the creation of safe and inclusive online communities. She shares her learnings at InternetHealthProject.com.

Previously, Tiffany was an award-winning investor across Africa, Asia, and Europe, receiving accolades including the Thomson Reuters Deal Awards and the Malaysian Greentech Award. A graduate of the Wharton School of UPenn, Sciences Po, Paris and Fudan, Shanghai, Tiffany has extensive experience in organizational science as well as operating global alliances.

Tiffany is a highly-sought-after speaker and committee participant in US, China, and Southeast Asian governmental initiatives around investment policy, internet safety, and emerging markets ecosystems.