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The Journey to Unlocking Web 3.0: Season 1 of The Brand Safety Exchange

The Unintended Issues of Digital Advertising 

After an engaging and thought provoking first season of the Brand Safety Exchange, in this week’s episode Tiffany Xingyu Wang wraps up the season’s highlights and the most poignant moments. This season dug deep into subjects like digital safety for children, diversity and inclusion in gaming industries, what it takes to build trust and safety programs from the ground up, and so much more. We also had the privilege to gain insights from brand agencies, digital platforms, and governments.

Lessons Learned Along The Way

Among the guest speakers was Joe Silk from Roblox, an online game platform. Joe discussed the need for a safe digital playground for kids, and how it is essential for people to feel safe giving you their data, otherwise they will look elsewhere. And when it comes to their kids? Data protection is of highest importance. A platform like Roblox is also a great opportunity to teach social norms at a young age, showing kids what is acceptable and appropriate.

With Lan Phan from Community of 7, an exclusive membership for developing purpose-driven leaders, we had a master class in building communities. It is a great priority to keep the internet safe from racism, sexism, discrimination, and ableism. Otherwise, the internet could become a breeding ground for such negativity, creating an unsafe online space. Having a safe space online is essential for ensuring communities feel safe and stable.

We got insights on the Diverse and Inclusive Gaming Industry with Emma Buttin from the French Embassy in the US. Emma shared with us the importance of recognising diversity, and that you cannot build a sustainable world if you do not recognise cultural diversity. It is key to ensuring brand safety as we must look to create safe spaces where all people recognise themselves and will feel safe enough to take part in the conversation.

When it comes to dating platforms, we discovered what it means to have safety innovations with Goeff Cook from meet group, owners of multiple popular social networking platforms. Geoff walked us through how making the platforms a safer space involves a series of human and algorithmic approaches. The system is not to simply remove bad actors, but to educate them. With a strike system in place, people are given warnings when they’ve broken community guidelines and given the reason why so they can gain that understanding. Safety and content moderation is a never ending commitment, as we must always review and renew our safety measures as things grow and change.

Angela Johnson and Kristofer Doerfler from Denstu, an international advertising and public relations company, shared their knowledge with us on what it means to truly build a business case for sustainable media. Angela highlighted the difference between what it means to be a company solely focused on growth, and one focused on growing for growth and good. Those companies focused on the good are growing faster as they are listening to their customers. People are starting to push and question every aspect of a company to understand their ethical choices, and businesses need to be open to that and open to analyzing their approach. Kristofer added that privacy is not a restriction, but a window. If a business makes it a point to understand their customers’ concerns, they will be able to reach them in a way that is true to what they are looking for.

Looking Forward

After an insightful first season, we are now looking towards our second, where we will hear from governmental agencies and policy makers. The journey to making Web 3.0 is not over, so make sure to subscribe to the Brand Safety Exchange.

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